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Thoughts on Marketing, Positioning, and Scaling my Consulting

As a former MLE, I had always relied on my hands-on coding skills to excel in my career. However, a hand injury forced me to adapt and pivot towards consulting. In this essay, I share my journey of becoming a successful AI consultant and the lessons I've learned about marketing, positioning, and scaling my business.

  • Transitioning to consulting and building a marketing plan
  • Generating leads and creating valuable content
  • Closing leads using situational assessments

What I Learned from Indie Consulting


If you think this writing style is strange, this is because much of this writing is actually a collected batch of voice memos transcribed into an essay using's distilled whisper model. There will likely contain errors, as there are pieces and fragments of some of the thoughts I have on the topic. I welcome all most all edits and comments.

I specify indie consulting as something that is completely and wholly separate from the big-time consulting we hear about from those ridiculous institutions. Check out this video roasting McKinsey From John Oliver to understand how I feel about many of these folks. Theres another great video that I saw on tiktok.

If you want to learn about my consulting practice check out my services page.