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Freediving under ice

Growing up, I wasn't very physically active. However, as I got older and had more time, I made a conscious effort to get in shape and improve my relationship with my body.

I had done plenty of sports before like you know ping pong or rock climbing or jiu jitsu but after I got my hand injuries during covid I really couldn't do any of that...

Determined to stay active, I turned to swimming and found myself particularly drawn to the breath-holding aspect of the sport. I was able to get to a 30s 50m free style and wondered how far I could push it.

With some training and certifications under my belt, I was eventually invited to take part in an ice dive in Northern Ontario, in Canada. It was a surreal and thrilling experience, with the freezing water and the sound of my heartbeat in my ears as I descended deeper and deeper.

Honestly, it was an incredible experience. An incredible feeling of exhaustion after you're done and satisfied with what you've accomplished.

Now, freediving is a huge part of my life. Wherever I go, I look for rocks to climb and lakes and oceans to swim into. I hope in the future I'll be able to go deeper and swim with more wildlife than spearfish. It would be a dream to swim with the whales or go hunting and to eat what you kill, one breath at a time.