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Currently working as an independent consultant. I use my expertise in recommendation systems to helps fast-growing startups build out their RAG applications. I am also the creator of Instructor, Flight, and an ML and data science educator.

If you have general questions for me trying something new, so just make an issue and tag it with question. I'll try to answer it in a blog post.

Advisory or Consulting Services

IF you want to work with me, I am available for consulting and advisory services. I can help you with your recommendation systems, AI engineering, and data science needs.


AI Engineering

Talks and Podcasts


  • Rewind AI: Rewind AI is a personal memory assistant that helps you remember, organize, and navigate your life.
  • Naro: Naro sits in the background, using contextual clues to proactively select the right content and messaging for each customer conversation, from emails to meetings.
  • Trunk Tools: Trunk Tools addresses the skilled labor shortage in construction, enhancing workforce productivity through AI-based tools.
  • Modal Labs: Modal specializes in cloud functions, offering a platform for running generative AI models, large-scale batch jobs, and more.
  • Pydantic: Pydantic provides data validation and settings management using Python type annotations, enforcing type hints at runtime with user-friendly error handling.
  • Weights & Biases: Wandb provides a platform for tracking machine learning experiments, offering tools for visualization, comparison, and collaboration in ML projects.
  • New Computer: Dot by New Computer is an intelligent guide designed to help you remember, organize, and navigate your life.
  • Retrieve relevant context from the semantic web for your LLM apps with fully hosted embeddings.

Work History

  • Sabbatical @ South Park Commons - 2023 - Present
  • Staff Machine Learning Engineer @ Stitchfix — 2016, 2018-2023
  • Prev, Meta, ActionIQ, NYU, Meltwater - 2013-2018
  • Computational Mathematics and Statistics @ University of Waterloo