If you're interested in contacting me for work or anything else, you can reach me at jason@jxnl.co.

Work Experience


Data Scientist — (Summer 2017)


Data Scientist — Forward Deployed

  • Consulted clients during weekly meetings to help them understand their data.
  • Developed and tested the first lookalikes algorithm for audience expansion tools,


Data Scientist — Data Labs

  • Designed deep neural networks in Chainer to study problems unsupervised learning, computer vision, and natrual language processing.
  • Successfully engineered interpretable features for content based recommendation using multi-modal item embeddings (text, image, context).
  • Designed and analyzed human computation experiments to study ranking algorithms effects on human performance using mixed models.

NYU Global Institute of Public Health

Research Assistant — ChunaraLab

Supervisor: Dr.Rumi Chunara
  • Analyzed 50+ million tweets to study the geographic and temporal characteristics of alcohol consumption among twitter users in north america.
  • Leveraged Amazon Mechanical Turk to build an active learning pipeline for heirarchical classification using SVMs to minimize costs for dataset creation.


Data Scientist — Sysomos Labs

  • Prototyped a proof-of-concept advertisement recommendation platform for offline targeted ads using multiarmed bandit algorithms.
  • Improved clustering performance for twitter community detection on Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat.
  • Created MapReduce and Spark applications for ad targeting generation and various ETL.



Liu J., Weitzman E., Chunara R. Assessing Behavior Stage Progression from Social Media Data Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing 2017, Portland, OR, USA

Rehman NA, Liu J., Chunara R. Using Propensity Score Matching to Understand the Relationship Between Online Health Information Sources and Vaccination Sentiment. AAAI Spring Symposium. 2016, Stanford University Palo Alto, CA, USA